Green Tea Fat Burner: What Makes It Worth to Choose?

Surely, when you do some researches about good diets for weight loss, you must have found that green tea quite often among them. Well, why not? Green tea is known for being fat burner after all. However, have you ever wondered the reason why it is known as green tea fat burner? It is not mysterious diet to choose, by the way. There sure is a reason that makes it perfect choice to choose. If you are so curious about it, let’s talk more to find it out.

Green Tea Fat Burner Crucial Substance

Being known as green tea fat burner, it is not because of no reason. The reason lies ever since the beginning. What I mean here is about how it is made from Camellia sinensis plant. Unlike other kinds of tea made from this plant, green tea is not made by fermentation. Because of that, the active constituents don’t change one bit. This way, you should have been starting to see the reason, right? Actually, there is one substance responsible for making green tea as fat burner.

That very substance is called polyphenols which are also known as catechins. In the green tea itself, there are many main catechins found. They are epigallocatechin, epicatechin and also epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG). Because there is highly concentrated EGCG in green tea, it is believed to have caused the activation of thermogenic fat-burning activity inside a body. Calling it as green tea fat burner is definitely true anyway for it has been proven to be effective for that.

Polyphenols or cathechins also have the capability to prevent the growth of catechol-O-methyltranferase. This is an enzyme that can spoil norepinephrine, the most important hormone for fat burning. Increasing and keeping that hormone levels are what green tea fat burner can do for you. Furthermore, fat burner green tea can also make the production of bodily heat last longer. This way, your body will keep burning fat to make you slimmer day by day.

Green Tea Consumed as Supplement

Did you know? You don’t always have to consume green tea by drinking it in liquid form. If you search for green tea fat burner on the internet, you will immediately find out that even green tea is made in supplement form. Well, it is not about it being able to be swallowed as a capsule rather than to be drunk as liquid only. To tell you the truth, as supplement, green tea has more things to offer than it in liquid form. But, why can it be so?

Of course, it is because the absorption of polyphenols has been enhanced in green tea supplement. This way, green tea fat burner is not only capable of increasing norepinephrine and prolonging thermogenesis, but also increasing energy expenditure for 24 hours long, offering strong antioxidants, and giving support to a healthy immune system as well. This supplement is a good alternative if you don’t feel like consuming green tea in liquid form. Isn’t it worth to choose?

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